Saturday, 23 April 2016

20 days of April

On the 15th of April open water between ice cover on Baikal appeared.  Since this day we have been observing ice-breaking process which is remind us that spring is here in spite of snowdrifts around and minus 10°C at some nights.

Ticks appeared – One was found on my leg. People say that they are here for a week already – discovered on cats.

On the 20th of April after some snow digging and great driving of Baikalsky reserve driver Alexander Turin we moved our living wagon from Rechka Mishicha village to the ringing station. 

And yesterday we installed Big Ribachinskaya Trap.

To 22nd of April 529 birds of 23 species were ringed. Most numerous species are Red-flanked Bluetail (Tarsiger cyanurus) – 234 birds, Long-tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus) – 86 birds, Siberian Accentor (Prunella montanella) – 74 birds, Rustic Bunting (Emberiza rustica) – 56 birds.

On the 18th of April in the list of ringed species new one appeared – Great Grey Shrike (Lanius excubitor). We rarely see him in winter at our place.

Great Grey Shrike 

 Red-flanked Bluetail - most numerous bird on migration and in the nets now


  1. Any good it moved off Yuri :-)

  2. Now there is more a problem to know if it is Lanius excubitor or borealis!.. O_O
    It's me Igor Fefelov. I visit my blog here very rarely, however.